Why God allows “the wilderness” and the importance of responding correctly while in it

God didn’t intend for the Israelites to spend 40 years wandering in the wilderness. In fact God thought them ready to possess the promised land within 2 years of leaving Egypt. But right at the border of receiving the promise, the people succumbed to fear, rebelling against God, disobeying Him and lacking faith to step forward. Oh what a shame – right at the border!

In God’s eyes, this was an exceedingly great sin after all they’d seen Him do for them – saving them from the plagues; parting the Red Sea; appearing on Mt. Sinai with lightning, thunders, fire and mountains shaking; guiding them with a pillar of fire and cloud etc. Not only were the people who doubted destroyed, but the people were made to wander in the desert for another 38 years.  If you study the map of their journey…(continue reading)