How is the word of God a ‘lamp to our feet’? Why lamp?!

Perhaps the first thing to think about is: what is a lamp and when do we need one?

A lamp in those days is probably synonymous to what we call a lantern or torchlight ? today. They’re used amidst darkness to give a little light. Better said, the light from a lamp is sufficient enough to help us take the next step but never enough to completely clear out the darkness. In the dark, you must rely on the lamp to know the right step to take i.e. any step you take without it would likely be the wrong one.

Another analogy to use in thinking about this is the lights of a car. They illumine the path ahead of us but only enough for us to have the confidence to keep driving but never bright enough to illumine the entire way up to our destination.

So, the word of God being a lamp suggests a principle in how God works or guides His children. He may tell us His plans for us many years out but how we get there we only figure out one step at a time, like the peeling of a boiled egg. Get the gist?

Now, three Bible stories that explain this… (continue reading)