What could God mean by “Be”? Be of good courage? Be strong and of good courage? Be strong and very courageous?

The first time God used the word Be was in the creation story. “Let there BE light and there was light”. Be is an instructive word that calls into immediate or instant existence something that wasn’t. Be is a current state of existence. Be is real and solid. Be is now, not in future. All that God called to Be forever exists. The world may rotate and darkness may exist in places but the sun is forever shining. God calls us to BE.

In Psalms 31:24, we are again told to Be…”Be of good courage”. Does this mean there is bad courage? Courage is boldness. Courage is strength of conviction. Courage moves forward even when darkness and uncertainty or threats abound. Courage is fundamental to faith. There can be no faith without courage. Without faith it is impossible to please God; courage is required to please God…to move forward despire darkness.

But what is bad courage? Perhaps, courage… (continue reading)