CLC Prayer & Fasting Day – 30th October

Our  prayer and fasting continues on the last Wednesday of every month and  culminates at the Wednesday night service.  The theme is “Getting the Breakthrough”.

Central London Week of Prayer 2nd – 9th November 19

Theme:  “We are called to be faithful to his Prophets”

Sat 10.30am

Sat 2nd Nov: Why did God send Prophets?

Sat 9th Nov:  A Prophet to God’s end-time People


Sun/Weekdays 6.45pm

Sun 3rd Nov:  God wants to send you a message

Mon 4th Nov: The God proclaimed and the self proclaimed

Tues 5th Nov: Are you reading the Bible the right way

Wed 6th Nov: Dusting off the Law and the Testimony

Thurs 7th Nov: True and False Prophets, Old and New

Friday 8th Nov: People of the greater light and lesser light