Community Ministries

CLC Community Services

The year of 2019 represent times that all nations of the world came together in the fight against Covid-19 that killed over 5.34m people and made many very venerable.
The UK was amongst the countries with high number of cases and deaths and the government had to implement strict rules and regulations to reduce the spread of the virus.
As a church, and part of the body of Christ, we had to continue making efforts to support the most venerable members of our community.
The church came together in looking after each other at church, and our soup kitchen program with help of the Holy Spirit and might angels, we continued to go forth, when was safe to do so, feeding and clothing the homeless, in Edgware Road, Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Victoria, Great Portland Street and Charing Cross.

Each week we were delivering in average 25 – 60 (over 1,500 per year) hot meals and giving away sleeping bags, winter jackets and toiletries.

We are so fortunate to have received so many donations from supporters, and we thank and pray to God for you to continue to be able to support the community services.

We also want to thank all volunteers who got involved,
and those who continually pray for us and people in need of shelter.