Why God allows “the wilderness” and the importance of responding correctly while in it

God didn’t intend for the Israelites to spend 40 years wandering in the Wilderness. In fact, God thought them ready to possess the promised land within 2 years of leaving Egypt. But right at the border of receiving the promise, the people succumbed to fear, rebelling against God, disobeying Him and lacking faith to step forward. Oh what a shame – right at the border! In God’s eyes, this was an exceedingly great sin and not only were the people who doubted destroyed, but the people were made to wander in the desert for another 38 years. 😞

  • If you study the map of their journey for the next 38 years, it’s like they kept going round in circles. The blessing was there but they just couldn’t claim it. 😕 The Bible clearly tells us that when God closes a door, no man can open it. It is also God that determines the intensity and length of time we spend in the wilderness. It may feel like a curse or the work of demons but God is always in control. If He allowed you to go through it, He can get you out of it. Malachi 3:3 tells us that “God sits like a refiner and purifier of silver”, which means that He’s closely and intently watching us in our trials till the purpose of that season is achieved, and will not let us stay in the heat for one moment longer than He planned. As seen in Deut 32:14-15 however, how we respond in the wilderness determines how long we spend in it and the intensity.

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