Two New Souls Baptised in Central London Church

On the 10th February, 2021 two precious new souls were added to the Central London Church family and there was much rejoicing in this otherwise depressing period of living on planet earth. Joanna-May Stewart Lima was baptised live in the Advent Centre church and Shirley Stewart gave her heart to Jesus through Profession of Faith at her home.

Shirley has serious health concerns that made it very dangerous for her to venture out to the Central London Church for the actual baptism but the CLC Church Board considered it was wise not to put her in further danger and so unanimously voted to allow her join the Church on Profession of her Faith in Jesus.

Both ladies are sisters and related to Colin Stewart Senior Pastor at Central London as first cousins, and became serious in wanting to follow Jesus when another cousin Raymond Stewart forwarded a link to Joanna from a series of meetings entitled, Unlocking Bible Prophecy by AWR speaker Cami Oetman. Immediately the ladies were hooked on the topics but more so on the message of the Adventist Church.

After watching the full 15 part video messages they were convinced that Jesus is real and promptly rang Colin and going straight to the point asked for Baptism at the earliest date. Excitedly this request and good news was brought to the Church Board who didn’t hesitate even although they had no real opportunity to meet the ladies in the flesh because of Covid 19, but regardless, gave the green light for the Baptism to go ahead.

While planning the baptism and waiting for a window of opportunity as the Churches were locked during the first lockdown, virtual weekly bible studies were given by family and eventually the date for baptism was sealed.

While Shirley stayed at home and was received into the church by Profession of Faith, Joanne came to church with her husband Ivan and daughter Rachael. A special song was song live by Patricia Stewart and then the baptismal thought was give by another relative, Pastor Stefan Burton-Schull. A special prayer for the sisters was given by another first cousin, Pastor Maslin Holness after which the immersion happened. A benediction was given by CLC Elder Robert.

Husband, Ivan, read Joanna’s favourite text, Ps 27 and Rachael, daughter, read Shirley’s favourite text, Deut 31:6. After the baptism gifts were presented in a socially distanced way by first Elder Claudia Passer on behalf of the Central London Church family. So much was done be Claudia, the tech team, and our Covid 19 safe advisor. Later that night Shirley’s baptismal gifts were delivered to her home!!

We give God all the glory and praise for these two new precious members.

Colin Stewart

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